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09/23/2010 02:35 PM

Vendor Information...

Broken window shipment

No outside visible damage,
Looks like it was damaged by falling on it's side during shipment,
No foam in center area to protect glass from this type of impact


Scratches on frame

Broken Window Shipment, 

Total of 3- Windows
2- Small
1- Large

Large window damaged but others OK...

Large window  Broken

No damage visible from the outside.
Window is shattered in such away to indicate shipment was knocked over on it's side.

No foam in center area to protect glass from this type of impact

Larger window shatered.

Other windows are Ok!

Roof Moving Accident
We were moving a Bus Roof top across the street to our other parking lot.
When a driver  going 65MPH in a 45. Missed the flagman by inches, only because he leaped out of the way 
The driver did not see him or the 2- ton roof with 2 large forklifts crossing the road..

His car was totaled and he missed getting skewered by inches by one of  the window post hanging down.

 He along with the flagman were very lucky ..


MCI 9, Left Rear clip for Bishop CA

Rear clip ready to shipped

Damaged clip

Donor Bus
Left rear access Door bad on this bus

Left rear tail light skin has small dings in it

Muffler cover

Rear Bumper


Transport drivers information
MCI 9 Buses sold and preparing to leave ...

MCI 9 VIN's in Lot 1
5250, 6595,   Ready to leave
Setting up for next pick up,
6253, 6794, 5169, 6448, 6786, 5214, 5098

Saturday  pick up

Power turned on at the factory in 10-11-2002


9-4-09 Bus Heights
5-22-08  Yamaha Golf Car Brakes

5-19-08  Rain bow in back of Walker Coach at Airport
4-19-08  Boat Seats for George   
Prototype Double Decker
MCI "J" Model Front End 

Burglary 9-9-09



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MCI - Neoplan street heights

MCI Heights

Uses air in suspension,
Add 4-5" to height when aired up for traveling.
8"        from side doors to ground

9"        from inspection door in front of front wheel to ground

14.50"  front bumper to ground
6"        from towing hook to ground

45" inside floor to ground( goes up hill 4" as you walk to rear)

Neoplan Transit bus
Uses air in suspension, Add 4-5" to height when aired up for traveling

9"      bottom of side fuel tank to ground

8.5"   bottom of skirt to ground

10.5" top of lower step to ground
8.5"   bottom of first step to ground
27.5" Inside floor height to ground (goes up hill 4" as you walk to rear)

9.5"   front bumper to ground 
6"      sub frame to ground

Eagle 20
Does not use air in the suspension, This is the normal travel height.
53" inside Floor level to ground
11.25" from door to ground
14" from top of bottom step to ground
16" from front bumper to ground
15" from front cowling to ground

Flea Market Truck Graphics in the works
Ford F700 Box Truck
92" high X 22' box

92" high X 96" wide



Golf car brakes

Link to Yamaha Parts Page

1996 48V,  we think a G19
This is  the image of the left rear brake set

We tried to get a serial number but some of the numbers were rubbed by the cable next to the ID plate.
We replaced the cable  but the numbers are still messed up



Upholstery shop now up in full swing ..

U.P.S. Delivery.

$2,000. Microphor toilet destroyed ,

This toilet is one cast piece, not a separate tank's all one unit .


 The one below is in Black

L        #$$&**%&*

The new MCI "J" Model front to fit  MCI A-3,  MCI C-3 and MCI 9   


More layers


Laid up More layers of fiberglass


Sprayed tooling Gel Coat, two coats skim coat,wait 5 hours then 4 coats build up


Tony ..note  3"and 4" outside corners



Jeff, wall thickness



Double Decker Prototype