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07/09/2008 01:15 AM

Our latest design challenge was  to design and build a better priced luxury limo party bus for under $150,000.

See one completed


This Model I,  will be based on a reconditioned MCI 9 or MCI 102 over the road Passenger coach
The MCI 9 below is with the new updated look and all flat skinned

Examples of other Limo Buses,,

Please Note :

These are technical images and are used for engineering purposes only ...

Due to proprietary reasons. Some processes and techniques are not shown .

Our Limo Party Bus 1 below ....


When it was under construction ..Limo Coach is finished and on the way to the paint shop


You will have to paint under the windshield to get the black wrap around effect.


No more construction images available on this coach

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