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07/09/2008 01:15 AM

Walker Coach plant  ...

Owned and operated by

Next Level Coach, Inc.
for more information
Call 610-767-8000

Temporary Images
The Walker Coach  Building
Slatington, PA


Below are images of the beautiful airport beside our factory , we just launched a hot air balloon and
I thought we would share  a few images ..
 Note the water tower in the background  .. That's us ..

Filling with air waiting to get heated and lift off......

To see more of these Hot Air Balloon images go here : http://www.eagleballooning.com/Gallery.htm

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More images of the plant below,

Many of you  have asked to see our plant, for some of you we have taken a few images .
The lighting was terrible and  for that we do apologize, we will get better images  up as soon as we can ...

235,000 Sq. ft.  Six acres under roof ....
At  this time we are only using the South end of our Building  at 235,000sqft .
40 % of the building is more then enough .The other side is where we will be in the future  ...
When finished Our Plant and showroom will  look  like an upscale RV Dealership ....

Below  is our temporary Construction entrance.....

 Temporary Front entrance, Front Foyer          Lobby                         Accounting

Accounting                               Conference table                           Operations office

                                                  Purchasing                             VP Operations Office

  Office Kitchen,   Operations from Kitchen,  Office parts room, Entrance  lobby/ store 

Warehouse, Showroom where 1950's Rock & Roll Soda shop will be located,

In this One room will be our main entrance with carpet on floors , Water fountain ,
Tropical Trees, small pond and of course our 1950's Greyhound Cafe Soda shop .
We already have most the booths and soda shop equipment and decorations ..
All glass outside walls similar to a car dealership .

Note the pit where the high End Demonstrator  Bus will be parked .
We will reinstall the old loading dock doors with Glass ones,
Main entrance and door for Demo Bus in this area , In that area
where you see the Crated Bus Windshields will be our main entrance with a receptionist

Note soda fountain and mirror back,

       Parts warehouse with loading docks 



Showroom, Parts warehouse,  Structural Production in large warehouse..15-20 buses

More structural production                  Engine shop, warehouse office

                      Final Production warehouse  room for over 4-6 buses in construction

 Final Production,.. office

Parts of the cabinet shop, Fiberglass shop

Below is the North End of our factory, used for storage only at this time ....
115,000 sqft

 North end , storage only ,

North end storage only

Can't see it but this is a 3,000 sqft shop,.. empty

Looking down the hall way to our engine strip shop @5,000.sqft

300 HP Boiler 20 years Old , more warehouse ..           Looking south  down back alley

Looking North , Mountain just behind trees, adjoining rails to trails Bike path next  to river 55 Feet below our grade 

Nurses station looking towards north/south firewall divider door
On the other side of that door is another 1/8 mile of building 

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